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The Waelder City Council met for their regular monthly meeting on March 1, 2011 at Waelder City Hall. Those present were Mike Harris, Robert Tovar, Dora Ramirez, Annie Jackson and Becky Ayala. Mayor Roy Tovar did preside.

A motion was made by Mike Harris to approve the minutes with a second by Becky Ayala. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

A motion was made by Mike Harris to approve the payment of the bills with a second by Becky Ayala. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

A motion was made by Mike Harris to approve the financial reports with a second by Robert Tovar. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

Open Forum:
Darcie Thompson talked about the electricity at her Mother's house. She called Abelardo about the problem and he didn't answer. She called him again, for the 2nd time and he didn't answer. The 3rd time he answered and he said, "What!" I said, Abelardo you don't have to holler. I was calling to let you know about the electricity. He hung up on my face. Darcie said, "I called again." He said, "What you want?" I'll been calling you about the problem at my mom and dad's house and again, he hung up. I called him again. This 3rd time, he finally told me that he'll be out there after while. He said, I'll be down there. I hung up. My nephew told him that Avery came by to check the breaker box. Abelardo said, "Avery is no electrician. He went and turns the electricity off at the house. Abelardo knew that there were children in the house. My nephew said, "No, don't turn off the lights." The kids and a baby are in the house. We can't go without electricity. Abelardo said, "Well, I'll be back tomorrow." I went to Mike's house. On my way to Mike's house, I kept calling and so many times. He kept hanging up on me. Finally, I made it to Mike's house and was dialing to talk to Abelardo. I got there and was telling Mike that something needs to be done about this. Something needs to be done about this. Abelardo answer the phone while I was at Mike's and said, "Got _________! Are you going to talk to me or what? I said, "No, I am talking to Mike." I went on and left to my mom's house. The electricity in those houses is very important. There was a house that was burned down due to the electricity and that was Tommie Fields' house. Well, here comes Abelardo and Adolph with the police escort. I was telling the police that I didn't want them down there. Well, we went around showing the police where the box was. Abelardo was saying, "Let me tell you, what I was trying to tell you and if you would had listen. I said, "Don't say nothing to me and I don't want you to say nothing to me." He had the nerve to tell me, got _____ it. If you feel that way, you can get the ______ out of here at my mom and dad's property. I went back off on him. The day, you get me off my property, that will be the day. I went to the back with the other one in a curtsy way and he was looking at the box. I said, "Adolph, when Ernie Cobler was working for the City, he blew the box out and put it back. Adolph said, "Well, Ernie Cobler don't work here anymore." I said, "You got that right." He was calling me elementary. If you are calling me elementary, well we would not be discussing this. He would have done his job professional and went on home. It shouldn't be this way, when we need something done, that we have to go through this kind of trash. I know Ernie Cobler works for the city. The other day, Ernie Cobler was sitting in the truck. I drove up at the window to pay my utility bill and JoAnn open the window and Adolph was in the office. I gave her my money and he was just standing there. Ernie Cobler was seating in the truck. It wasn't this time, it was last month. I know Ernie is working for the city. The people of Waelder don't need to go through that, because there's not too many places to go and if, they can't go there. Well, we don't need them. We need somebody that can go to all these houses and do the work that needs to be done to them and with respect to the people. I don't want anybody to be talking to be me that way and told him that in front of the police.
Mayor Tovar said, "Where was the problem?" Abelardo said, "It was on the customer side. Darcie: "He was going to come back the next day." He or nobody came back. Adolph said, "He called me for my opinion. I came to look at it. It was on the customer side." I never spoke to her at that tone of voice. Darcie: You did and the police was there. Darcie said, "Abelardo and Adolph are trouble and don't have respect for the people. They should not be working at public place. Adolph: The only thing the city owns is the meter. The customer owns meter loop. She said, Ernie did this and did that. Adolph said, "Well, is not here anymore." Adolph: His on contract. Darice: He still works for the city. If, I accidentally break something, the city is liable for it and that's what I tried to tell her or explain to her. A lot of the people don't know. You hear that Ernie use to do this and that, from other people, but don't realize he doesn't work her anymore. We tried to follow the rules and to keep us out of trouble. I tried to explain that to the people. Darcie: He touched the wires and box. Don't touch or pull on the wires, if you feel that way.

Richard Cedillo: Last month, I spoke about the things that need to be done at the city park. For this reason, I am discussing the upgrading and the need for the people that use the park. The current fence around the baseball field is not there and bleachers and dug out need to be work on. The children's combination structure needs to be replace because it is brittle and broken. The community would like to request to the mayor and council, their thoughts and opinions on these items: a) to install a commercial fence around the baseball field with different sizes of gates b) replace the playground structure c) repair the structures around the baseball field concession, bleachers and dug outs d) make all restrooms serviceable. The August would be the target date for all these repairs in regard to the Fiesta Guacamole. Do we have the funds? Do we have grants? Can we make this happen by August of this year? Councilmember Dora Ramirez is working on replacing the playground equipment and a cover for the basketball court. The City did receive a grant for those two things.

A motion was made by Robert Tovar to approve Election Judge as Pauline Melchor, Clerks: Myriam Rangel and Delvin Cedillo and Early Clerks Angie Arriaga, JoAnn Ibarra and Norma Puente, with a second by Becky Ayala. (Mike Harris abstained) The motion was carried.

A motion made by Mike Harris to approve the mobile home permit for Linda Cedillo, with a second by Robert Tovar. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

The Council convened to Executive Session at 7:22 p.m. according to Texas Government 551.074: Personnel Matters: a) Evaluation: Dolores Castro-action if any (b) Discuss and Consider hiring Avery Williams action if any (c) Consider and Take action hiring City Attorney Eduardo "Eddie" Xavier Escobar action if any (d) Review and Discuss Ground Man Application action if any (e) Review and Discuss 1st Class Lineman action if any

The Council reconvened to Open Session at 8:36 p.m.
A motion was made by Mike Harris on item (a) the evaluation will be done by Norma, item (b) tabled, item (c) tabled with 1 opposed (Becky Ayala), item (d) and (e) phone interview on next Tuesday, item #12 tabled with a second by Robert Tovar. The motion was carried.

A motion was made by Mike Harris adjourn with a second by Robert Tovar. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

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